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LanComm uses strategic communication and engagement to develop relationships and empower small business owners. We operate at a level of integrity which cultivates authentic connections with decision-makers and community stakeholders to form a diverse network ready to successfully meet your business needs.
Our team of experts work to aid small businesses in digital communication management, brand development, communications strategy, and targeted relationship building. At LanComm,
community outreach and grass-root work are at the center of our mission.

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Founder and CEO

Patrice Lancaster was born into a legacy of community activism and leadership. At a young age, she excelled in scholarship and received numerous awards and honors from her school and her church.

She attended the University of the District of Columbia majoring in Elementary Education/Spanish. She also coordinated weekly food distribution efforts and hosted monthly dinners for the homeless alongside her mother. She has been coined “Resource Queen” by her friends for her compassion in assisting families and those in need by helping them navigate systems in order to address their issues.

As a  young adult, Patrice became involved in local elections volunteering for several campaigns. Her reputation as a fighter for the voiceless has garnered relationships with city officials and leaders. As her acumen was realized, she began to understand that true freedom lies in economic self-sufficiency and lack of dependency on government. In that vein, she began to support local entrepreneurs and start-ups by helping them identify resources and strategies that would help them actualize their financial goals.  She also regularly coordinates community service projects to educate and empower residents.

As a result of strong community ties, Lancaster can effectively articulate the needs and concerns of disadvantaged communities as well as facilitate the solutions. She has assisted small businesses, local governments, and organizations in her work. Some of the work includes advocacy, public relations, facilitating focus groups, workshops and programs, fundraising, and social media management. 

Patrice has over 20 years’ experience working in private, government, and non-profit sectors. She has been able to leverage her knowledge of the community to expand the imprint of her employers by acting as a liaison between them and community leaders to bring benefits and solutions. She proudly served the mayoral administration of Mayor Muriel Bowser serving as FOIA officer for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Currently, she consults violence interruption programs and volunteers as an administrator for a community-based organization assisting neighbors during the COVID crisis.

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